HIGHLIGHTS – President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with President Joe Biden and will address Congress as his country hopes to not just shore up but secure greater support from its Western allies.

Hanging over Zelenskyy’s surprise trip to the United States on Wednesday is a growing Ukrainian fear: That Russia’s military — stalled by winter conditions, fierce opposition and its own weaknesses — may be laying the ground for a bold new attack. The visit comes a day after Zelenskyy greeted troops in Bakhmut, a front-line city that Moscow’s forces have struggled to seize despite months of intense battles, while Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a rare admission of his army’s difficulties.

But beneath the frozen surface of the conflict — now past 300 days — officials in Kyiv have warned that the Kremlin plans a major new ground offensive this winter that could even target a second assault on the capital. The Russian leader’s pre-Christmas trip to neighboring Belarus only added to mounting speculation. *************************************************************************
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