Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s Senate campaign brought in over $500,000 in just 24 hours after a video of his opponent, Republican and Donald Trump-backed Dr. Mehmet Oz, went viral.

The surge for Fetterman came after a video circulated online showing Oz walking in a grocery store, complaining about the prices of ingredients needed to make a “crudites” platter, which is more commonly known as a vegetable platter.

Fetterman’s campaign seized on the video, holding it up as further evidence that Oz is out of touch with average Pennsylvanians. “Oz clearly has never been in a grocery store before. That’s why this is resonating with supporters across Pennsylvania,”

Fetterman’s campaign manager, Brendan McPhillips, said in a press release. The campaign said that more than $65,000 of the half-million haul was raised through sales of a sticker with the phrase, “Wegners: Let them eat Crudite” that was offered to donors. *************************************************************************
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