PART 2 of our interview with Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Jamie is running for the 5th Congressional District Seat in the state of Oregon. She is opposing KURT SCHRADER, a Democrat, who has repeatedly supported big Pharma, voted against Covid relief, and referred to Trump’s 2nd impeachment, after the 1/6 riot, as a “lynching.”

The Biden agenda has a massive roadblock and it’s Oregon Democrat (name only) Kurt Schrader. He voted against Covid relief, he called Trump’s impeachment a LYNCHING, and he votes against cheaper prescription drugs, because guess what industry funds him? Jamie Mcleod-Skinner is my choice in this race. Please watch and share. Thanks! YCBB #DailyBriefing

Jamie’s website: Follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamieforOregon

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