The judge in Sarah Palin’s New York defamation case against The New York Times ruled the case should be thrown out because Palin’s lawyers failed to produce evidence that the newspaper knew what it wrote about her was false.

Palin’s suit, claimed the Times defamed her by wrongly connecting her to a 2011 shooting spree in Arizona that killed six people and injured former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Palin claimed the editorial caused “anguish, humiliation, embarrassment and damage to her reputation.” Formerly, Palin appeared singing “Baby Got Back” on The Masked Singer, where she appeared on stage in front of all of America dressed up as a giant fuzzy pink and blue teddy bear.

The defamation trial began earlier this month, but was then delayed by two weeks after Palin tested positive for Covid-19, prompting the judge to comment in court, “she is, of course, unvaccinated.”

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