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Earlier this week, Shannon Freshour won the Ohio Democratic Primary for the state’s 4th Congressional District seat, currently held by ultra-conservative and regular incredulous tantrum-thrower, Jim Jordan.

Shannon Freshour has her work cut out for her.  Jordan, founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus – a caucus that includes zero women, but does count as members #BadRedApples like Matt Gaetz and Jody Hice – has owned this congressional seat since 2007, thanks to a jaw-droppingly gerrymandered district widely referred to as the “Duck District” because of its zig-zagging shape, designed to keep Ohio’s most liberal city of Oberlin drowning in a sea of red counties, rural areas, farms and an ethnicity breakdown of 90% white and 5% black.

Shannon Freshour is a litigation paralegal and the daughter of a single mother who taught Shannon how to count by allowing her to add up her waitressing tips.  She was one of Ohio’s first kids in “Head Start,” a program promoting school readiness and development of children ages birth to five from low-income families. Shannon credits Head Start as the single most valuable part of her education and the reason she was able to go on to graduate college and earn a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins in American government.

It’s no surprise then that Shannon is fighting for universal Pre-K, technical and trade training, and affordable college through bringing federal funds to Ohio.  Shannon backs Obamacare, and the inclusion of a public option.  She supports a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and advocates ending legalized discrimination in health care for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Getting #BadRedApple Jim Jordan out is more important than ever.  Although in May, 2019, Jordan’s “Duck District” was found to be unconstitutional and based on gerrymandering (look at the shape of the damn thing!), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the district will not change until congressional district maps are redrawn in 2022, making it even more crucial to fill as many Ohio seats with Democrats this year.

Jim Jordan is an ultra-conservative Trump boot-licker who supports the administration not only without shame, but without restraint.  Jim Jordan voted for the Trump tax fraud, voted to acquit Trump in the impeachment, and regularly makes the rounds on Fox News touting all the good the current president has done for the country, reminding us that we are currently experiencing Donald J. Trump’s “Great American Comeback.”

Jim Jordan as a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood, a 0% rating from the Human Rights Campaign, and a 3% rating from the League of Conservation Voters.

Jim Jordan’s campaign website lists no issues, but has big fat videos from his appearances on conservative networks, along with the boilerplate pledges to “fight for us!” and “keep Washington accountable!”  His landing page also brags that he was a four-time state wrestling champion, though it neglects to mention his time as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, where he was allegedly involved in sexual abuse cover-ups (Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or a cover-up)

Ohio doesn’t want Jim Jordan representing them, but the district he represents has been bent, tugged and yanked until it has no say in the matter.  That’s Jim Jordan’s American way.

Contributions to Shannon Freshour will help support not only more liberal policies increasingly consistent with the predominant way of thinking in the United States, but will also unwind the sickening, racist noose Trump and Jim Jordan have wrapped around this country’s neck. 

Jim Jordan is interested only in representing his own personal interests, sucking up to Trump, and preserving his political gravy train.  He deserves to be flushed.  Shannon Freshour will support a forward-thinking and inclusive Ohio, and deserves our consideration.  

Ejecting Jim Jordan from a congressional seat he neither deserves nor is fit to represent would be a national headline-getter, and would be a firm nail in the coffin of Trumpism.

Support Shannon Freshour for Congress – Ohio, District 4.