Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, a leading gun control group, has just endorsed 11 candidates for the U.S. Senate, including Captain Mark Kelly in Arizona, John Hickenlooper in Colorado, Cal Cunningham in North Carolina (challenging the odious Thom Tillis) and Jaime Harrison in South Carolina (challenging Trump lackey and “Queen Ghoul” of the Senate, Lindsey Graham).

But my favorite endorsement is the one that was lost. The group has refused to endorse my wicked stepmother, Maine Senator Susan Collins, and announced their support of her challenger, Sara Gideon.

Sara Gideon For Senate - MAINE
AUGUSTA, MAINE — 12/05/18 — Speaker of the House, Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, takes the oath of office in Augusta on Wednesday. It’s Gideon’s second term as speaker. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

“A vote for Sara Gideon is a vote against Mitch McConnell, who has made the Senate the place where desperately needed gun safety bills go to die,” John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in a statement.

Though the race between Sara Gideon and Susan Collins is expected to be both tight and possibly the single most expensive fight this campaign cycle, it can’t be denied that Collins, who had built her entire political fortune on hoodwinking her constituents into thinking she was some sort of admirable moderate who could be counted on if the GOP ever decided to drive the country towards cataclysm, has seen her hopes for re-election circling the drain for months.

There are, of course, the more obvious reasons for the fall of Collins. Her vote to put anti-abortion proponent and possible sex offender Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court caused her support among suburban women to crater. Pile on top of that her vote to acquit Trump at his impeachment trial, and her subsequent defense of him on national television (she told the world he’d “learned his lesson”), a move so obviously foolish and inevitably destructive to her public persona, one wonders if she’s brought on Rick Perry, Dan Quayle and Andy Dick as campaign advisers.

And while it’s true that Susan Collins was nowhere to be seen when the president visited Maine last week to tour a swab-making factory where he was photographed using one swab to seemingly pick taco meat from his teeth, Collins can’t escape the fact that she’s voted to confirm over 30 Trump-nominated anti-abortion judicial nominees

It’s no surprise then that in addition to losing out on the endorsement from Everytown for Gun Safety, Collins is also on the losing end of endorsements from Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s List and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Those all went to Sara Gideon as well.

Sara Gideon Susan Collins Maine Senate race

But Gideon can’t get too comfortable. It wouldn’t be a shock for Collins, who promised she wouldn’t serve past two terms, and is now aiming for her fifth, won her seat again. Though Gideon is keeping pace, five months is a long way to go. The race will inevitably tighten, and Collins will do all she can to publicly distance herself from Donald J. Trump, except when she votes in the Senate, where she will no doubt slap him on the wrist in the media, before flipping over his hand and giving him every single thing he’s asking for. If there’s anything Susan Collins has proven she’s good it, it’s having it both ways.

Susan Collins is not a leader. Susan Collins is not a moderate. Susan Collins is a puppet, a schemer, and one #BadRedApple. Susan Collins has voted to put Trump-loving judges on benches, and we are the ones who will have to deal with their decisions for decades to come, long after Collins is booted from office, which hopefully will be this year.

Support Sara Gideon and let’s #FlipTheSenate and get Susan Collins out of government for good. Election Day is November 3rd.

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