I feel better now. Well, I stopped following Pete Buttigieg’s Rules of the Road at the end. I was soooo close too. But… so what?

THE ARGUMENT: “Let me ask you a question how is is president trumps fault that there is a pandemic or mass unemployment BECAUSE of the pandemic. The economy was great before the pandemic started. And all you liberals act like is all president trumps fault for all of this. Please tell me how that it is his fault for the pandemic and the recession and the mass unemployment??? And don’t forget it’s president trumps fault for the riots too correct. Jesus you people really make me question the stupidity of the American people right now.”

MY REPLY: “Leadership.
These aren’t his doing. However the way in which they continue to batter the nation is his fault entirely. He divides using dire circumstances to his advantage, exacerbating resentment, fostering false impressions of recoveries that aren’t happening, asking people to hold previous administrations accountable for what has happened on his watch.

Lack of a coherent national front against the virus, lack of adequate testing, suggesting injection with disinfectant, pushing miracle cures to the foolish and desperate, muzzling dissent = Trump failure to organize national talent and resources to combat a pandemic leads to it continuing to kill.

Lack of coherent strategy with other countries, engaging in economic warfare, driving up the debt, bragging about employment and the economy as the primary reasons he has been successful = branded a failure when those things nosedive and his only solution is “go back to work though some of you will die in order to save my one positive talking point.”

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts” = violence entitles me to sanction more violence, but done by you Americans so I can’t be held accountable.

You have your head up your ass and you’re using anger to hide that you have zero basis for your argument and a relatively shallow understanding of national and global politics. Shut up and sit down, you MAGA shit head fraud.”